Global Day Of MobRetreat

July 18th, 2020

a day-long, intensive practice event,
focusing on collaborative software development

hashtags: #MobRetreat #GDMR20


Find and join a Mobretreat or host your own

Day of MobRetreat is a full day of practicing TDD and refactoring as a mob of 4-5 people, and exploring different mobbing styles in each round, sharing experiences and evaluating the differences.

Like a coderetreat, at the beginning of the first round each group decides which programming language is used for writing code. Each round has its specific constraints.

Unlike a coderetreat, the code is kept and incrementally developed by the mob during the whole day. Changing constraints relate to communication, not to the code. The mob keeps most of their original members, but after each round one person per mob joins another mob.

What are you waiting for?  Grab a friend and do a mobretreat on July, 18th!

Join folks helping developers in their communities to learn about mob programming and to explore different mobbing styles.

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